All About TaylorMade Golf Products

When it comes to quality, nothing can be compared to TaylorMade, a renowned golf company. What made TaylorMade popular with amateur and professional golfers is its innovative engineering technology that is applied in manufacturing golf clubs and equipment. All golfers want to own TaylorMade golf items.

Brief History of TaylorMade Golf Company

golf clubGary Adams, a man who is fond of dreaming, started the TaylorMade Golf Company way back in 1979. Gary is an avid golf player. He started the company with only one product and three employees. Gary Adams thought that it is better to use a two-piece golf ball with a golf iron than with the one made of wood. The first product of the TaylorMade Golf Company is the Pittsburgh Persimmon, which is comprised of a steel club head. This golf club gained popularity as early as it was launched. It was recognized in a tour event conducted by the Professional Golfers Association. At this moment, TaylorMade has launched an entire line of golf clubs, which consist of irons, metal woods and much more.

The sales of TaylorMade were beyond one million U.S. dollars. In the late 1980s, many amateur and professional golfers prefer to use TaylorMade items when playing golf. At the start of 1990, TaylorMade opens new stores in Japan and Great Britain. Near the end of 1990s, the company started incorporating titanium in its golf items. In addition, they ventured in making high-quality golf clubs for the kids.

Excellent Golf Club Technology

The company employs different forms of technology to make the drivers efficient and high-quality. First, flight control technology is being utilized to allow the golfer to modify his shot’s accuracy level. The club’s pioneering metallic sleeve may be twisted to satisfy the playing requirements of the golfer. The golfer only needs to loosen the bolt which is holding the metallic sleeve in position. Just rotate the shaft and metallic sleeve to modify the club head.

Another thing applied is the movable weight technology, which permits the user to balance the club head’s weight. The heavier the club head, the faster it can rotate during a forward swing. Thus, a heavy club head decreases the possibility of slicing the ball during a drive. It also employs the superfast technology, which is responsible for increasing your shot’s distance. The shafts are made longer and lighter as compared to other golf clubs. It has a larger grip and more forgiving head of the club, which help in creating a higher drive angle and lower spin level. Another is inverted cone technology, which creates an optimized impact to your ball flight. And lastly, the dual crown technology utilizes a large base and a small crown,so that the club head can be carried easily.

How to Buy TaylorMade Products

You have two options in buying TaylorMade golf products: to buy online or offline. You may opt to buy several golf clubs and equipments directly from the company’s shop or from their authorized distributors. Buying from an authorized distributor brings you a lot of benefits. If you buy from a certified TaylorMade distributor, you will be able to test the club first before making a purchase. Testing the club prior to purchase will ensure that you are satisfied with the features of that club. You will know if the club is heavy enough to make your performance better. They provide you with high-quality products at reasonable prices.

If you are not a professional golfer, but still want to play golf at least twice a year, then you may opt to buy clubs from a discount outlet shop. The price of golf equipment in this shop is cheaper than the clubs from the TaylorMade regular store.

Variations of Golf Putters

Golf clubs generally have three classifications. These are your iron clubs, wood clubs, and the golf putters. Each classification also has its own types and variations. And each functions differently from the other. This article will provide beginners information to learn more about putters.

Putters are considered as the most important type of golf clubs because these are used in the most important part of the game. Here are some details about your putters.

Putter Face/ Clubface

The putter face, or also referred to as golf clubface, is part of the putter head. This is the surface where the golf ball is struck. This is where the so-called sweet spot is. It is the striking surface and usually is the center part of your golf putters. The putter face may or may not have inserts that are usually made of polymers or soft metals. The insert adds to the ‘feel’ and ‘sound’ of putting or stroking the ball. There are two major types of your putter face.

When you balance the shaft of the putter on your index finger and the club face is perpendicular to the ground, then this is classified as a toe-balanced putter. When you balance the shaft and the club face is parallel to the ground facing upward, then it is a face –balanced putter.

Putter Head

golf puttersThe putter head is usually made of metal, stainless steel, titanium, or brass. It also comes in various shapes, sizes, and designs. The putter head is very important in the consistency of your putting strokes. New designs now usually have eye alignments to aid the player in their putting strokes. There are three putter head types.

The blade head is usually traditional in its design. It is light and small, and usually narrow. The design is simpler with a straight blade-shaped face. It is usually light weight.

The cavity-back is an offshoot of the blade putter head. It has a hollow spot at the back of the blade and the blade is a bit longer and larger.

The mallet head is bigger, larger, and heavier. The shape usually resembles a half-circle. Since the size is bigger, the head also has a bigger sweet spot on its face. Mallet putters are easier to control than blade putters.

Putter Grip Size

The size of your golf putters grip is important because it affects your hand and wrist action. The four grip sizes are: undersize, standard, midsize and oversize. You can customize the size of your grip by adding layers of tape or you can instead have your putters fitted properly.

Putter Length

The length of your putter shaft also varies. Your choice of putter would also depend on the playing position you are most comfortable with. Older people and those who have back problems usually use the upright stance, using putters that have longer shafts. There are three variations of your golf putters.

The first variation is the conventional putter which is at a standard length of 33-35 inches reaching the player’s waist level. This type usually goes with the bent position of playing. Second is the belly putter which is a bit longer at 41-44 inches. Players usually use this with less wrist action because the end of the putter is anchored against the abdomen. Third is the chest/long putter which is anchored to the chest or chin of the player. This is usually used by players who can’t withstand bending a lot. The length ranges from 48-52 inches.

Hope all of the basic information about your golf putters are relevant enough for you to at least have a better understanding on the many types and variations of your golf clubs.